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SEPT 27TH – 2013.   Mark that date on your calender because Google’s new Hummingbird Update was put into full effect and it promises to make Panda look like a minor adjustment.   The Hummingbird Update is based on what Google Calls ” Predicted Search Results ” and is designed to improve relevant search listings while pushing down sites it considers spam, including sites it views as get rich quick schemes.

If you are struggling to get organic traffic to your website – Hummingbird is either going to help you or wipe you out.   But I can guarantee as long as your content is original the problem isn’t page optimization or meta tags or any of the other SEO elements – but is simply a case of having not enough LEGITIMATE back links with juice pointing to your site.

It is the most basic fundamental element of getting your site listed in the search engines and Hummingbird still views back links as vital reference points to the value of any website –  yet the vast over whelming majority of website owners either don’t build proper back links or use services that do far more harm than good.


The first back link tools started to appear online over a decade ok and they haven’t changed since then.   The entire premise of the Panda Update was to weed out the cheaters and now with Hummingbird the effects will be even more severe.   As a website owner it is vital you remove any bad spam links to your site using the Google Disavow Tool Immediately and Replace them With Legitimate Back Links within the Next 7 Days or you’re site is going to be heavily penalized. 

Marketers and Website Owners talk about Panda like it was some evil plan by Google to hurt their business – but the truth is – if their back links were junk or spam – their efforts were built on smoke and mirrors.    Junk back links are red flags now to Google – and bad links will push your site down fast.   With hundreds of millions of websites on the internet – and a large percentage of them junk – Google knew it had to figure out a way to detect sites that were building low quality back links to trick it’s algorithm and Hummingbird is the Newest Weapon in the battle against poor quality sites.    



You Know Those Late Night Weight Loss Infomercials where they sell some new magical device or new pill that promises to strip all the fat of you’re body without having to change how you eat or even get your butt of your couch ?

And you think to yourself – how could some be so naive as to think that just by eating a pill. they could eat all the supersized burgers and fries they wanted and still lose weight.    Yet millions of people every year spend over a billion dollars on these snake oil quick fixes and no one ever asks the question – if they actually work why is everyone getting so fat ?

It’s how human nature works.   We wan’t easy quick fix solutions without having to put in the work to get the results.  Deep down we know that to look like that sexy model we need to eat right, exercise and work at it every day for years – but we keep hoping someone, somewhere is going to come up with a magic pill instead.


The Reason Backlinks are so Important is it’s one of the only ways that Google and the other search engines can tell which are the best sites on the internet for any give search term.   If there are 10 million potential search results for something a user is searching for, the best way to tell which website is the most deserving is to let the other sites on the internet determine which site is most worthy.  Think of a backlink like a vote from another site.  The logic is simple – the more votes, the better the site.

But true to form, once website owners figured this out they started spamming their backlinks all over the internet and for a while it worked.   You’d do a search on Google for something and the first three pages were all parked domains or spam sites bought off some resale rights program.   Internet users were getting sick of it because they couldn’t find legitimate sites among the junk sites – and Google set out to get even with those site owners who tried to trick them.


 And just like the weight loss industry – magic pills started appearing all over the place.   Site submitters, robots, Fiverr gigs, plugins… There was no end of products that we’re supposedly going to get you to the front page of Google.   You wouldn’t have to waste time building legitimate backlinks – heck you didn’t even need to do anything more than get out your credit card and they would do the rest for you.   After all – they promised it was going to work because it worked for all those guys in the testimonials.  Simply order their product now and you would lose 20 pounds by Saturday ( oops… I mean you be at the top of the search listings by Saturday )


The Good News is that there is still a legitimate way to get to page one of Google and it’s called Backlink Authority…





Backlink Authority is the bible of websites you can MANUALLY build high juice back links to and drive your site to the top of it’s category.   It’s not a magic pill – it’s not a robot or site submitter, but instead a directory of actual high PR sites that will deliver maximum value for your backlink building efforts – JUST AS IMPORTANTLY IT WILL PROTECT YOU AGAINST HUMMINGBIRD.   It’s exactly what you need when that “aha” moment happens and you realize the reason you aren’t at the top of Google is because you’ve been tricked by all the SEO magic pills being sold by Snake Oil salesmen.


Taking a few mins a day to build legitimate backlinks to your website will pay off huge over the long run.  Google rewards legitmate websites with traffic and penalizes sites with sketchy tactics and website owners that try to take short cuts to getting their sites listed.   All the Guru’s out there selling automated tools are only going to get your site penalized or black listed from Google as it’s insanity to think a simple piece of software is going to outsmart the brains at the smartest company in the world.

Proof Spam Links Don’t Work as Well as Real Legitimate Links

Check out this screen shot below where you can with Open Site Explorer’s analysis of search results how sites with only a handful of links are out ranking sites with thousands of links.  Any real SEO Expert will tell you that a legitimate website linking to yours is worth far, far more than a junk index link pointing back to you.



In the screen shot below – you can see a test site we did to prove how well Backlink Authority Works.  Within Two weeks of being built – our test site his page one of Google.  It was so fast that Open Site Explorer didn’t even index the backlinks we had built – yet Google put it at the top of their listings.


limited copies3BackLink Authority 1.0 is set for launch for September 30th - and will be available for a limited time due to the importance of protecting the available copies on the market.  The Back Link sites contained are of extreme high value thanks to their reputation with Google as high juice URLs.      To protect the value of these sites, we do not want to expose them to too many sites attempting to back link to them all at once or we run the serious risk of downgrading the sites we are including.





Look – I’m all about being realistic and legitimate.   There is too many hucksters and scam artists on the internet and if you are going to buy BackLink Authority it’s because you realize its value to you and your SEO efforts.  If it’s going to take some master resale rights product I bought for $10 bucks and now claim it is worth $10,000 to get you to invest in a legitimate product, then you likely aren’t going to get much value from this package as you are still looking for magic pills ( and they aren’t for sale here )

Backlink Authority

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